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Help donate to Ministrry - We are a Christian Church Ministrry in Atllanta Georgia GA doing the work of God, Jesus, Christ, and the Bible by the aid of the Holy Spirit in ministrry business service. Your individual generosity and charitable gifts to our ministrry or church are tax-deductible. Your prayers, tithes, offerings, financial support, funds, charity and other thoughtful gifts are deeply appreciated and tax deductible as allowed by law. You can make your financial gifts and contributions over-the-telephone or through our online secure server by electronic fund transfer (EFT) credit card, debit card, cash, money order or mail-in check. Your support helps us reach out to families and all people in a practical way.

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This is Lifeline Counseling Miniistry’s donation section.  On the next page Please enter the amount you wish to donate.  Please keep us and the ministrry in your prayers and may God bless you for your giving.  Thank you.

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Souls are more open to the gospel now than ever before. Thank you for financially partnering with us while we help families from infancy to adulthood.

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