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We provide families and individuals with effective, affordable and high-principled counselling in a caring and conscientious manner.


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Email Counselor, Email, Email, Atlanta Marriage, Marital Counselor, Couples on lifeline ministry Atlanta Marriage, Marital Counselor, Couples on lifeline ministry, Why You May Prefer E-Mail You may find it easier by writing out your concern or issue, It offers more ease of comfort and safety for those finding it difficult to express themselves in person, With E-Mail, you may set your own pace, It is easy and affordable to receive expert professional advice, A Counselor can address your immediate concern where you do not have the ability to reach one in your area, Convenient, No office visit to make, Conducted at arms length, you are free from physical distractions, You feel a greater freedom to express what is on your heart, It is the most cost effective approach for online help, No one sees you or hears your voice - that is, it is all done in writing, You may sit down and write at any time on a computer when you feel like it, Online Christian Email Advice Service, If you are someone who has just happened on to our site [Thank you and Welcome] and who is looking for help in your marriage, life, or relationship, our online E-Mail is a very efficient means of obtaining the advice you need, Every one of your E-Mails is handled sensitively, viewed importantly, and given the highest level of privacy, Any questions, any comments and your desires are answered with the most qualified answers you will find anywhere, Any thing you want to ask is okay, Whether it be about sexual problems or issues, fears or phobias, past abuses, or addiction recovery we will answer your questions, so that by the time you have heard the answer to your question you will be satisfied totally and free completely, Answers are given in plain English, easy to understand, real conversational language, Our online Christian E-Mail advice will help you immediately overcome problems or address the areas of concern in your life with certainty of you being helped, Office Hours, E-Mail or Call Now and a Counselor will arrange with you to begin an immediate Email, Because You Want Results and Peace of Mind, and You WANT IT Yesterday, You May: E-Mail Us on Your Lunch Break After You Have Put the Children to bed, During the Day, Night, Evening and Weekend E-Mail Us When You Want Answers, All E-Mails Are Private and Confidential, You May E-Mail Us From Any Location, You May Receive Advice & Phone Help From Your Location, To Receive Immediate Counsel, Solutions, Answers to Questions, Help and Support, 24 Hours Monday -  Friday Day or Night, Weekends and All Holidays, Contact Us Now For Telephone

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